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Medicaid Planning

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MO HealthNet is the beneficiary-facing portion of the Medicaid program in Missouri. While MO HealthNet is meant to be a user-friendly platform to explore Medicaid eligibility and use, it is still notoriously complicated for most people who do not have an understanding of the underlying legalities. For many others who may need to rely on Medicaid, there is simply no time in their busy schedules to learn about it.

Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, LLC makes it simple for you to understand Medicaid, know your eligibility, and to create a Medicaid plan. With our team of St. Louis Medicaid planning attorneys, you can leave Medicaid planning to the professionals. While we get hard at work assessing your eligibility and what Medicaid benefits you need, you can focus on yourself and other ventures.

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Considerations for Medicaid Eligibility & Benefits

Medicaid is a powerful, government-backed program that helps people continue necessary medical treatments after they become disabled or become advanced in age. However, not everyone can qualify for Medicaid. There are numerous factors that get weighed to decide eligibility, many of which relate to financial stability or medical needs.

Your Medicaid eligibility in Missouri may depend on:

  • Your total number of owned assets
  • Value of exempt assets you own
  • Recent resource transfers, such as gifts
  • Debt, unsecured and secure
  • Assets of your spouse
  • Extent and permanency of your disability
  • Medical care you may need in the future

Utilizing Medicaid Planning to Gain Eligibility

There are specific financial limits that bar you from Medicaid eligibility. The limits change often, usually each year to account for inflation and overall economic adjustments in Missouri. If your income or finances exceed the current bar, then you will be ineligible for Medicaid assistance, which is meant to be reserved for people who require financial support.

The foundation of Medicaid planning is using legal tools to gain Medicaid eligibility when you otherwise would not be eligible due to your financial situation. Generally, your goal will be to reduce your total value under the limit. Our St. Louis Medicaid attorneys can explore your options with you — such as irrevocable trusts, asset transfers, gifts, and annuities — and decide on which one will best suit your situation.

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