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Long Term Care Planning

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As you age, the likelihood of you needing specialized care increases. Whether you need help in day-to-day situations around your home or medical care in an assisted living facility, the cost of such care can be surprising. Do you know how you and your family will afford your long term care while you are in your golden years?

With Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, LLC by your side, you can begin crafting a long term care plan that works for you. Our St. Louis long term care planning lawyers have more than 30 years of combined legal experience to put to good use for you. We know Missouri’s estate planning laws and relevant elder laws front-to-back, and our familiarity becomes your benefit.

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Components of a Long Term Care Plan

Everyone is different, and so each person’s long term care plan is going to apply for their situation and no one else’s. We acknowledge what makes you unique and get to know you. This allows us to make a long term care plan that fits well and operates as intended.

The core factors you should consider in your long term care plan:

  • Health expectations: It is useful to try to anticipate how your own physical and mental health may change in the coming years. Family histories of medical complications can be reliable and telling. If you expect to need specialized care based on a proclivity for a health condition, then you can plan better for what care you will need and the possible costs of that care.
  • Care preferences: Are you for or against assisted living facilities? Do you want certain medical procedures to be omitted or used if you become debilitated? You will need a clear idea of your care preferences. The more detailed you can get, the better in many cases.
  • Finances: Of course, the underlying purpose of long term care planning is arranging for care that you can reasonably afford. You may be eligible for governmental assistance like Medicaid, or benefits granted through one of your insurance providers, for example. You could also be ineligible for certain types of long term care if your finances are too healthy. It is the goal of our St. Louis lawyers to arrange for you to have the best possible long term care based on your preference, while simultaneously saving you and your family the most money as possible.

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