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We are all affected by elder law issues at one point or another, either as we ourselves age or those we love grow older. If you are caring for your aging parents, grandparents, or other loved ones, our elder law attorney in St Louis, MO can help you take legal steps to protect their best interest.

An elder law attorney acts as an advocate for the elderly and their families, handling legal matters related to health care, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicaid, long-term skilled nursing, and other key issues. To make sure your loved ones are protected, make sure you discuss your situation with our St Louis elder law attorneys at Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm today.

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How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help You?Elder Law Attorney in St. Louis

Our elder law lawyers at Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm can help with various issues the older generation will typically face at some point in their lives. This can include help with nursing home care plans, managing finances, securing interests, and planning for the future.

While it is important to create an estate plan to protect your assets and your family, elder law covers many more issues. Many elderly people rely on the care of others on a day to day basis, whether that means in-home care, nursing home care, or the assistance of family members. It is important that your wishes be carried out in these situations.

A St Louis elder care lawyer can help ensure that your wishes are granted, your needs are met, and your health and finances are protected from those who might otherwise take advantage. This can include making legal plans for your long-term health care, asserting your rights as a patient, sorting out Medicare issues, creating a durable power of attorney, selecting a legal guardian in case of a health issue, securing housing opportunities, planning for living costs and other financial issues, and even filing nursing home claims.

Medicaid & Long-Term Skilled Nursing

Many families come to our firm needing help qualifying for Medicaid when they need skilled nursing services. In Missouri, Medicaid coverage is available to elderly residents under certain conditions and limitations, including the equity one has in their home, the amount of money in IRA and retirement plans, and with allowances to the maximum amount a person can receive. This often leaves many middle-class families with too much money to qualify, but too little money to take care of the costs of long-term care.

With appropriate planning, you may be able to protect your loved one's assets and ensure that they still qualify for Medicaid coverage for skilled nursing services. Eligibility requirements are complex, which is why it is beneficial to have an experienced attorney to help you through the process.

Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm Is Here for You & Your Loved Ones

Whatever you are facing, our St. Louis elder law attorneys are here to help support you and your family now and in the future. Let our firm lend you the legal assistance you need. We will sit down with you and discuss your situation, guiding you through the potential options and appropriate documents.

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