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The main purpose of an estate plan is to prepare yourself and your family for a time when you’re no longer able to represent your own interests. If you’re incapacitated or pass away, your estate plan is the only guarantee that your assets and property will be managed or distributed according to your wishes.

A successful estate plan ensures that:

  • Your medical and financial choices are legally upheld
  • Your property and financial assets are distributed appropriately
  • Your financial assets are protected from state, federal and estate taxes
  • Your family is protected from probate court
  • Your children and relatives with special needs have guardian care

Before drafting any legal documents, it’s in your best interest to meet with an estate planning attorney to discuss your personal and financial circumstances. At Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, our objective is to help you create an unambiguous estate plan that can effectively protect you and your family.

Contact our Town and Country estate planning lawyers at (314) 966-2226 to learn how an estate plan can benefit you.

Avoiding Probate Court

An estate plan is considered successful if it keeps your family out of probate court. Unfortunately, a will isn’t enough to evade the probate process. Probate proceedings can last up to 9 months because the court needs time to validate your will and appraise your property and financial assets. Your beneficiaries are unable to access their inheritance until the court completes this process. However, if your estate plan includes a trust, the probate process can be avoided.

Updating Your Estate Plan

Another way to help your family avoid probate court is to update your estate plan every few years. While the estate plan you created ten years ago is still valid, it doesn’t account for any new personal or financial changes in your life. If certain beneficiaries have passed away or you want to add new family members into your will, you’re going to have to update your estate plan.

Create Your Estate Plan Today

Contact our Town and Country estate planning attorneys if you want the comfort and security of knowing your interests are protected. Our lawyers have over 30 years of legal experience and are extremely knowledgeable about estate planning and the probate process.

Contact Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm at (314) 966-2226 to schedule your free consultation.

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