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Bypass Probate Court with an Effective Estate Plan

Despite misconceptions, you don’t have to be wealthy or elderly to need an estate plan. At this very moment, you currently have an estate that encompasses your available wealth and property. If you pass away without a completed estate plan, your estate automatically enters the costly probate process. Your beneficiaries will have to pay legal fees and won’t be able to access their inheritance for months. By designing a comprehensive estate plan, you can bypass probate court and many other preventable legal scenarios.

At Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys have over 30 years of legal experience. With our assistance, you can create an effective estate plan that protects both your family and the future of your estate.

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Protect Your Estate from Probate Court

Probate court proceedings typically last 6-9 months to grant the court time to validate your will and appraise your estate. Your beneficiaries won’t be able to access their inheritance until the court has used your financial assets to repay your outstanding debts. Your beneficiaries may also have to use their own funds to pay for any legal fees incurred during this process.

Why You Need an Estate Plan

An estate plan is comprised of several legal documents that serve different purposes in protecting your personal choices and your estate. For example, an advanced healthcare directive and the durable power of attorney documents protect your personal, financial, and medical choices in the event of a medical emergency. This includes safeguarding your decisions regarding organ donation, body donation, and your end-of-life care. Your family and medical care providers are legally required to reference these documents when determining your treatment and care options.

Another important facet of your estate plan is distributing your financial assets and property to your designated beneficiaries. A will establishes an executor to handle your financial and legal affairs, designates your beneficiaries, and dictates the proper distribution of your assets. However, a will does not stop the probate process from managing your property and assets. Utilizing a revocable or irrevocable trust is the only way to protect your beneficiaries from experiencing the trials of probate court. By placing your assets into a trust, you relinquish ownership and protect them from probate and any costly estate taxes.

The Next Step

Contact Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm if you’re ready to design an effective estate plan that can protect your family and the future of your estate from probate court. Our estate planning lawyers offer our clients affordable, high-quality legal service and representation. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about estate laws and how an estate plan can personally benefit you.

Ready to schedule a free consultation? Contact our Kirkwood estate planning lawyers today at (314) 966-2226.

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