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An estate plan is considered successful if it accomplishes two vital purposes. Its first purpose is to ensure that your financial and medical care choices are respected in the event of a medical emergency. Its second purpose is to effectively divide your assets and property between your chosen beneficiaries upon your passing.

A successful estate plan ensures that:

  • Your property and financial assets are distributed appropriately
  • Your financial assets are protected from state, federal and estate taxes
  • Your medical and financial choices are legally upheld in an emergency
  • Your family is protected from probate court
  • Your children and relatives with special needs have guardian care

At Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, our estate planning lawyers have over 30 years of legal experience and can guide you through this complicated, multi-step process. We can help you create an effective estate plan that will never be disputed by any court or contesting party.

If you’re interested in creating your estate plan, contact our Des Peres estate planning attorneys at (314) 966-2226.

The Important Documents in Your Estate Plan

An estate plan is comprised of crucial documents that serve to protect your interests and personal choices. An estate planning lawyer can help you draft each of these legal documents and ensure they are relevant to your personal needs and circumstances.


Your “Last Will and Testament” is an important document in your estate plan because it designates your inheriting beneficiaries and dictates how your property will be distributed. It also establishes who has the power to handle your legal affairs upon your passing.


A trust is essential in protecting your assets and your beneficiaries from probate court. The two standard trusts utilized in estate plans are revocable trusts and irrevocable trusts. When you place your assets into a revocable living trust, you remain the controlling trustee and can alter or revoke the trust at any time. This trust transfers to your beneficiary upon your passing.

If you place your assets into an irrevocable trust, your ownership is relinquished and the assets are protected from any state, federal, or estate taxes. However, an irrevocable trust is rarely used because it cannot be altered or revoked.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

An advanced healthcare directive is also called your “living will.” If you’re incapacitated or facing a medical emergency, your advanced healthcare directive gives specific medical care instructions to your family and medical care providers.

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

A durable power of attorney for finances authorizes an agent to manage your financial responsibilities while you are incapacitated. This agent has the power to access your financial accounts, pay your bills and taxes, manage your assets, and take care of your medical expenses.

Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Unlike an advanced healthcare directive, your durable power of attorney for healthcare doesn’t document your medical preferences. This document is essential because it authorizes a person of your choosing to make healthcare decisions in your place during a medical emergency. However, this agent still has to follow the guidelines set by your advanced healthcare directive.

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The first step in creating a successful estate plan is to schedule your free consultation. At Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, we believe in a personalized approach to estate planning. We understand that our clients have unique personal circumstances and family dynamics that need to be considered during the estate planning process. Our objective is to create an effective estate plan that gives you security, comfort, and peace of mind.

Contact our Des Peres estate planning lawyers at (314) 966-2226 to schedule a free consultation.

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