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An effective estate plan guarantees that your personal wishes are protected in the event of your passing or incapacitation. A comprehensive plan typically involves a will, trusts, durable power of attorney documents, and an advanced healthcare directive. Other documents can be added to your estate plan depending on your personal needs and circumstances.

An effective estate plan ensures that:

  • Your property and assets are distributed per your wishes
  • Your family is protected from probate court
  • Your assets aren’t greatly affected by state, federal, and estate taxes
  • Your young children have guardian care

If you’re interested in creating an effective estate plan, contact Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm. Our estate planning attorneys can help you draft the essential legal documents and aid you in resolving any complications.

Contact Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm at (314) 966-2226 to learn how an estate plan can benefit you.

The Purpose of Your Estate Plan

The purpose of an estate plan is two-fold: protect your personal, medical, and financial choices upon your incapacitation, and appropriately distribute your property and financial assets upon your death. The legal documents that comprise your estate plan act as directives for your family and any court tasked with handling your estate. Your estate plan also protects your family from a majority of the legal complications that often follow the death of a loved one.

Why You Need an Effective Estate Plan

Probate court proceedings can be a financially devastating and emotionally overwhelming experience for many families. Probate court typically lasts 6-9 months and locks your family’s inheritance away while the court validates your will and appraises your assets. During this time, your family has to pay for any court and attorney fees. Luckily, you can save your family this heartache by completing your estate plan with revocable or irrevocable trusts.

We Keep It Simple and Comprehensive

Effective estate planning is a multi-step process that demands the completion of several complicated legal documents. At Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, it’s our goal to make this process as simple and comprehensible as possible. Our lawyers have over 30 years of legal experience and are knowledgeable about estate planning laws. Call us today if you’re ready to plan for your future.

If you’re ready to draft your estate plan, contact our Crestwood estate planning attorneys at (314) 966-2226.

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