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The Benefits of Estate Planning

The best way to ensure your estate plan is accurately and thoroughly completed is to retain the services of a legal representative. An estate plan is comprised of many important legal documents that ensure your property and financial assets are properly managed and distributed upon your passing. Other documents in your estate plan account for your financial and medical preferences in the event of a medical emergency or your incapacitation.

Essential estate planning documents typically include your:

  • Will
  • Pour-over will
  • Trusts (revocable and irrevocable)
  • Durable power of attorney for financial decisions
  • Durable power of attorney for healthcare decisions
  • Advanced health care directive

At Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm, our estate planning attorneys excel in designing effective estate plans for our clients. Our lawyers have over 30 years of legal experience and are incredibly knowledgeable about estate planning and the probate process. If you want the assurance of knowing your estate plan can protect your family and financial assets in the event of your passing, contact Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm today.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of estate planning? Contact our Affton attorneys today at (314) 966-2226.

The Importance of Bypassing the Probate Process

Probate court is a process you never want your family to experience. Probate court can last up to 9 months and will force your family to pay expensive legal fees. The court appoints a legal executor based on your will or available next of kin options. It takes probate court months to validate your will and assess your financial assets and property. Your financial assets will be used to pay your legal debts before your beneficiaries can access the remainder of their inheritance.

An effective estate plan not only bypasses the probate process, it protects your beneficiaries and allows them to access their inheritance almost immediately. A carefully designed estate plan can also limit how much of your assets are drained by state, federal and estate taxes.

The Importance of Updating Your Estate Plan

One mistake many people commonly make is not updating their estate plans. It’s easy to go through the estate planning process and safeguard the completed paperwork until it’s needed. However, by not updating your estate plan, you risk not having all your assets and property accounted for. This sends any assets not covered by your estate plan to probate court. Also, your estate plan needs to be updated to account for any beneficiaries you want to add or replace. It’s recommended that you review your estate plan with a lawyer once every few years or after a significant life event.

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If you’re ready to begin designing your estate plan, contact Wiseheart Kaiser Law Firm. Our estate planning attorneys are available to guide you in creating an effective estate plan that can protect your family and assets from probate court. Get peace of mind by scheduling a consultation today!

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